Neil Sinclair in Neil’s Electrics A Stand Up Company published 23rd September 2010, written by Lisa Clark

Neil Sinclair has been living in Australia for six years and in that time has become an established popular performer in the Melbourne scene. He won Raw in 2008 and hosted the Comedy Zone, which is a show case of hot young talent, in 2009. Neil’s Electrics – A Stand Up Company is his debut solo festival show and it’s a corker.

Neil Sinclair

Neil Sinclair

The thing that stands out in this show is Neil himself. He throws all of his laid back type enthusiasm, charm and personality into the show, winning you over and guaranteeing you a good time. The structure of the show based around starting up a small business was a fairly thin but steady structure for what was really an excuse for an entertaining hour of silly stories, outrageous accents and delightfully groan inducing puns. Neil meandered in topic a bit at times but never stopped being amusing. The important thing was the work he put into the show making sure that every part of it existed to get a laugh, and it does. Even the odd misfire was handled with experienced aplomb, extracting an even bigger laugh.

An old fashioned Tape Recorder was employed to add some extra whimsical dimensions to the show with music and taped voice that he could control easily. One of my favourite parts of the show was a self help tape on social small talk which included a spot of harmless audience interaction. The final piece of music in the show is the Neil’s Electrics jingle that will stay in your brain for days, if not years.

The venue is a trendy little bar called Southpaw in Gertrude St Fitzroy. I cannot stress the word ‘little’ enough. The performance space only seats a very tightly packed 15 and the show is free and funny so I would recommend you book in advance. There were many eager punters having to listen to the show through the doorway on opening night. Otherwise it’s a groovy place with steamy, spicy mulled wine on offer as well as the usual type drinks/ cocktails and I tasted some of the delicious food coming out of the kitchen that includes proper meals and desserts as well as bar snacks (neatly brought to my seat during the show but you might want to get there early or hang around later for a proper bite to eat).

I can thoroughly recommend Neil’s Electrics – A Stand Up Company for a fine night out at the Fringe. For opening night of a debut performance it was pretty impressive. If he can keep that energy up it’s bound to be a successful sold out season. I strongly encourage you to book your place.

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