REVIEWS: Neil Sinclair – Panic!, by Jon Kaila, Herald Sun

A review of my current show: ‘Neil Sinclair – Panic!’, by Jon Kaila, Herald Sun.

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GREAT story telling filled with cracking one-liners

THIS English award-winning comedian places you in the heart of the London riots from the kitchen “command room” of his Whitechapel apartment.

It is a short 45-minute show, but fast paced and filled with witty personal observations that sum up the panic and fear but also the hilarity of simply being on the outside not knowing what to do for the best.

Mixed with anecdotes of his confused French and oblivious American flatmates and arty girlfriend, Neil’s storytelling keeps the 40-strong crowd entertained and laughing throughout.

He makes observations from stupid teenagers breaking into Blockbusters and stealing the (empty) cases of all the new releases on the shelf to the Queen not commenting on the riots, “but she didn’t live near a Dixon’s did she”.

In amongst many comparisons with World War II, he highlights how the British stiff upper lip has changed over the years: “It’s like the Blitz but instead of a poster saying Keep Calm and Carry On, we had the TV news saying ‘you’re f—–, now get out.”

The crowd instantly warmed to Neil and it was a lovely touch to join everyone in the bar afterwards for a drink and to say hello.


Neil Sinclair –Panic! is on at Rue Bebelons Upstairs until April 21.



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