My Our Little Stories Submition

I wrote a short story for the blog Our Little Stories. It’s based on a monthly theme and helps a charity, I don’t quite know how… for all information check out the web site its self, here. There are some great writers writing some great stories there… here’s mine:


George’s Marvellous Medicine by Neil Sinclair

I remember sitting in my nan’s house in Lewes. The smell of buttery peas porridge drifted through the old house that had an open fire and mostly wood finishes, a recipe for disaster.

While my family all help out with lunch; my uncle and auntie were laying the table, my parents were taking the food from the kitchen to the dining room and my nan was making sure the mash potato had enough cream in it, I got out of doing any work the only way I knew how… by reading. My book of choice was always Georges Marvellous Medicine.

As a child I never liked reading. I would rather watch a film, preferably a horror film. This was a difficult hobby, because my parents would not let me watch anything too scary, so subsequently I have seen every mildly scary movie that was made before 1994. This didn’t sit well with my mum and dad, so if they saw me reading a book they would just leave me too it. I could get out of anything by reading, or, as was quite often the case, pretending to read. If the car needed to be washed, I’d just stare blankly at a copy of The Famous Five, if the dishwasher needed filling I be sitting on the sofa flicking through a copy of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe wondering why anybody would bother. These books were boring, even on TV.

I never pretended to read Georges Marvellous Medicine though… I loved it. It was disgusting. This horrible old grandma, ‘With a mouth like a cats bottom,’ who was always mean to poor George, to the point where he brews up a concoction and feeds it to the mean old lady. He’s just trying to make her nice, but ends up making her as tall as a house. There’s even a bid to end world hunger in the story line, you just don’t get that in kids books anymore. Quentin Blake’s illustrations making the whole process look like messy sticky fun.

Some time soon after I read it for the first time, Jackanory, a children’s TV show where boring adults read boring children’s book, said they were getting Rick Mayall to do George’s Marvellous Medicine… I was excited to say the least. It didn’t disappoint. Rick covered him self in all kinds of gunge and gunk and he put on all manner of hilarious voices. It was a young boys dream. The only problem with it was, I still had to lay the table when it was on.


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