Chrmingly Useless

Charmingly Usless Tour Poster Coming SoonCharmingly Useless

With his new show, Charmingly Useless, Neil aims to bring comedy to the people, giving Melbournians the opportunity to see world class, stand up comedy without having to travel too far or pay too much.

Neil said, “These are very difficult times we live in. With tight budgets and ready internet availability people don’t want to travel halfway across town and pay $40 for a ticket for a show that might suck. They can watch something they know is good online… which is a shame. Nothing beats live stand up comedy.”

Neil Sinclair has put together the best jokes from his six year career in comedy. A career that not only includes winning Australia’s biggest, new talent comedy competition, Triple J’s Raw Comedy, but also being nominated for the only independent award in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Johnsey Award.

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One thought on “Chrmingly Useless

  1. Reblogged this on Angela Mary Claire Thompson and commented:
    Neil Sinclair is putting on a trial of his new Melbourne Fringe Festival show, Charmingly Useless, at the Brunswick Green tomorrow night (July 9). It’s only $5! Come along.

    I took that photo, fyi, and I am goddamn proud of it. Yeahaaa.

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