Podcasts I have made

IT Came From Beyond The Podcast Each week fellow comedians Neil Sinclair and Martin Dunlop will dredge up four horror films of years past and tear them apart with a fury known only to those eternally disappointed by the hand life has dealt them! WARNING… This podcast contains spoilers.
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/odn24cm
Non iTunes:

Persuasion In this live weekly podcast, three comedians are assigned strange topics and are given 6 minutes to argue their subject. Hosted by Dave Warneke & Neil Sinclair.
iTunes: http://tiny.cc/persuasionitunes
Non ITunes: http://tinyurl.com/n628jex

Comedy Cassette Tape A sometimes regular, sketch comedy podcast about making a sometimes regular, sketch comedy podcast.
iTunes http://t.co/OZWx4Vu2
Non iTunes http://t.co/qUWWYrLE

Winoceros Comedians Neil Sinclair and Ben Vernel are joined by wine expert Chris Coffey, and two comedians to get down to the serious business of drinking wine…
iTunes http://tinyurl.com/pby85ku
Non-iTunes http://sopod.co/winoceros

The Australian Comedy Podcast Comedians Neil Sinclair and Angus Brown attempt to create the definitive collection of interviews with Australia’s best comedians in The Australian Comedy Podcast.
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/pwb5rxx
Non-iTunes: http://sopod.co/auscomedy


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